Die Olsenbande

Die Olsenbande

The statements “Mächtig gewaltig!” (which translates into something equivalent to mighty terrific) and “Ich habe einen Plan” (I have a plan) leads to only one conclusion: The OLSEN GANG is around!

It all began in 1968 – Egon Olsen, fitted out with a bowler hat and a cigar end, na ïve, gullible and devoted Benny, and last but not least, lethargic, witless Kjeld form the Olsen Gang.

They take us on excursions through Copenhagen and steer us through the intricate enforcement of one of their masterstrokes, carefully planned to make them rich. But, as always, a small negligence, the shrewdness of their competitors or some tricky object catches up with the three friends shortly before they reach their goal. The bubble bursts, the money is gone and Egon lands behind bars, as usual… In their next film it starts all over again…

The 14 comedies from Nordisk Film have long ago reached cult status.


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