Luis Trenker

Luis Trenker

On April 12, 1990, Luis Trenker died at the the age of 97.

The multi-talented and unmistakable film actor Luis Trenker was a mountain climber and a nature boy, full of vitality, zeitgeist, and a deep love of his homeland. A Luis Trenker revival is currently under way: Trenker fashions are a hit worldwide, a hiking trail through the Alps is due to be named after him, his films are available on DVD, and for mountain film festivals he symbolizes all that is alpine...

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Luis Trenker DVD-Edition

The Movies

aAN DER DOLOMITENSTRAßE - Kurzfilm Luis Trenker

1950 - directed by: Luis Trenker

The road leading through the Dolomite Mountains from Bolzano to Cortino d´Ampezzo with its beautiful landscape, mountains and nature.

Short Film


Deutschland 1937 - directed by: Luis Trenker

1865: Never before has a human being set a foot on the summit of the 4.477 meter high Matterhorn. Jean Antoine Carell, an Italian mountain guide tried reaching the peak several times from Breuil in Italy, however, in vain. One day while climbing the north face he meets Edward Whymper, one…


Deutschland 1931 - directed by: Luis Trenker

Shortly after their last mountain climbing tour together World War I breaks out forcing the friends Dimai and Franchini to fight as officers on opposite sides.

The Italians unsuccessfully try to seize the mountain Lagazuoi in the Dolomite mountains, which the Austrian troops had been able to hold. One day the…

aBERGSOMMER - Kurzfilm Luis Trenker

1951 - directed by: Luis Trenker

The dairy maid´s summer season in the Seiser Alm area.

Short Film


Deutschland 1950 - directed by: Luis Trenker

A border official is dispatched to a small village in the Dolomite mountains to track down a dangerous drug smuggling gang. The brothers Stefan and Marco Hassler who live in this village with their niece are known to be daring mountain climbers. Under the false pretence of wanting to smuggle watches…

aEIN DORF STIRBT - Kurzfilm Luis Trenker

1957/58 - directed by: Luis Trenker

Constructing the dam and hydroelectric power plant within the Mamolata mountain

Short Film


Deutschland 1955 - directed by: Luis Trenker

Although Giovanni is a passionate ship builder, his shipyard at Lake Garda is threatened with bankruptcy. His marriage is also not what it should be.  When he is accused of murdering his brother he decides to seek refuge in the Dolomite range. He accepts a construction job at the dam, using…


Südtirol 1954 - directed by: Luis Trenker

Documentary film on the construction of the hydro electric power plant in Kaprun.

aGRÜSS GOTT, HERR PFARRER - Kurzfilm Luis Trenker

1960 - directed by:

One day in the life of a parson in a mountain parish

Short Film


1971 - directed by: Luis Trenker

At the age of 82 the famous film maker Luis Trenker once again climbs the Matterhorn where he had made one of his most successful films „DER BERG RUFT“ (The Challenge) in 1937. The film is about the first ascend to the peak of the Matterhorn, accompished in 1865 by the…

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